Intel had a small problem. A large customer had hundreds of thousands of computers that could not be upgraded to a customer replace-able CPU, that Intel had just introduced. Intel's solution was a small circuit board that fit under the CPU. But they needed someone to design an assembly fixture that could be used by a semi-skilled operator at an Intel assembly plant to intall and test the final product assembly. AND as a bonus, we only had 4 weeks to deliver the first fixture. According to them, this had never been done before. Originally they imagined a fixture to install the circuit boards one at a time.

We designed the fixture to accomodate a standard tray of 10 CPU's, had a failsafe mechanism so the operator could not accidentally crush any fingers, etc. The running inside joke was that is was going called the "Pentium smasher". We designed it to run with simple air pressure, added an onboard-air regulator, and go/no-go test indicator electronics. We tested and delivered the first fixture on time, AND never smashed a single Pentium, or even bent a single pin.